Hera Pheri

Who can forget the trio of Raju, Shyam, and Babu Rao. If the mind is sad, then see ‘Hera Pheri’ or ‘Hera Pheri’… bhagam bhag will be there. What are the dialogues? Even today, memes are created with this movie dialogue and there comedy.

Whether it is a meme that cuts 50 rupees of over-acting or a scheme to double money in 21 days.

All dialogues are imprisoned in people’s hearts. In reality, such films are like magic, after watching, not only the surroundings but also the atmosphere of the mind changes.

Now it is such that the hairy ferry has turned 21 years on 31 March. So #HeraPheri took over social media and people started talking about their hearts.

These Celebrities are shared 21years of Hera Pheri Film on Social Media.

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