5 Times Bollywood Expensive Gifts to Partner

Bollywood Celebs are giving their best gifts to their partner and here are a few celebrities who are gave expensive gifts to their partners. here is all you need to know about a few actors who are currently giving the best time with their partners.

1.Ajay Devgan to Kajol

Ajay Devgan loves Kajol we all know right how much he loves Kajol, so he bought a house for Kajol in Landon. After that, he buys BMW 7 Series as the present. so these two gifts were expensive rides.

2.Raj to Shilpa

Raj is a well-known British businessman he married to Shilpa Shetty, he bought an apartment for Shilpa Shetty in Burj Kahlifa and he spent he possess a lot of wealth and power. This is the biggest expensive gift given to Shilpa Shetty present.

3.Saif Ali Khan to Kareen Kapoor

We all know they are married in 2019 after marriage he gifted Kareena diamond rings as a present. everything is not an expensive gift is a gift to nawab sab.

4.Siddharth to Alia Bhat

Siddharth Roy is a well-known actor and Siddarth and Alia were rumored both are in dating and at this time Kapoor and Sons were released. Siddarth Gave Camera to Alia Bhatt for her photography. Alia loves photography sid was know that Alia is loved photography that’s why sid was gifted to Alia.

5.Amir to Kiran

Amir Khan met at that time while making the Lagaan movie. they two become close and then married after the Lagaan was released. Amir gifted the house to Kiran in Beverly Hills as a present. In the USA the most expensive gift and Kiran received ever from amir.

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